I believe we are getting closer to the edge as far as food production goes, so I am sharing a few more thoughts on this matter; And...I believe we have created and entered a race that we cannot win!  I will explain below.


When asked about my profession, in the last few years, I have been calling my self a "PEST" Creator;  ALIAS.... Grass Roots Farmer!  Why do I do this?

It's because of the way we have been producing 90 % of our food in the last few centuries.  It is called the Total ANNUALIZATION of our food source!


In the past, at least most meats, from beef, to goats, to buffalo, to chicken, and milk and eggs, etc. were basicly PERENNIALIZED!  How so?  They were fed and finished upon perennials; native grasses and vegetation.  BUT not so today!

Today, almost all these products have been ANNUALIZED; grown and finished upon ANNUALS!


What's the main difference?  In annualization, native ecosystems are plowed or broken up!   Does this plowing really directly change the player or individual actors, agents, at the beginning?  NO!  All it does is act to break the synergistic bonds LINKS,  between the players that took many thousands of years to build, while eliminating negative, self serving ones!  It made team players out of all the characters in the ecosystem or community! 


Whenever we plow, break these bonds, we create an  environment, INFRASTRUCTURE...that immediately begins to SELECT FOR PESTS!  Those organisms that can move quickly and almost exclusively to turn all the immediate energy, mineral, water, and others organisms into stepping stones for their own personal use and DNA survival!  So, what followed the plow besides harsh, deadly poisons, and spray rigs??????   Floods, (yes, even the amount of water uptake of top soils, is regulated by this annualization process, native grass land being the best sponge.) Dust bowls, pest insects, pest bacteria, pest fungi, pest viruses, pest animals, (birds, etc.) pest plants, and yes EVEN PEST CORPORATIONS LIKE MONSANTO!!    (Please do not miss the link that on Monsanto that I will post later. In this video, Steve Wilson, and Jane Akre, did not make it clear, but their law suit against the news agency that they worked for, that revealed they were fired for the cause of reporting the facts they were originally told to produce, was won by a trail of jury, and it was the first of it's kind. This jury decision was late over thrown by a regional judge that was more interested in his and his families welfare than he was about getting the truth out to the masses.)


Whenever we act CANCEROUS UPON EARTH......IT WILL ACT CANCEROUS TOWARDS US!  And guess what, since we are one of the top dogs on the food chain,...whenever the affects we create on the very bottom of the food chain get up to us.... they are often multiplied by hundreds or thousands of times!  So, it is easy to see, that we are entering a race where our best pesticides, anti-biotics, chemotherapy, will only act to bite us as a "race" human race,,,,in the end of the race or fight we started!


A lot of people think of death whenever they here the word cancer!  BUT, this is not true!  Cancer describes life where it is NOT a team player,  but individual cells that get the idea they are more important than any of the other cells in the body, or that the present generation is the most important and termianl generation) and strive to consume the whole body, earth, for their entire gain, JUST LIKE WE ARE DOING UPON EARTH RIGHT NOW!!!  For who's benefit are we pumping out, mining out, all of the life supporting resources and turning them into cash and cheap food?  For the future generation to whom we are a LINK WITH, and without them, and this provided link, we will make ourselves the terminal generation???? I think not!


We have many people who are engaged in food production that denounce the genocide actions of Hitler as being unjustly cruel, many are regular church attendees....but think nothing about their actions which are amounting to genocidel upon the future generation!!!!!   This is the typical mndset of cancerous life!!!  whenever cancer is SPIRITUALLY IDENTIFIED...that is ID'

by it's invisible, zero point force field, cancer is cancer whether it be individual cells within a body, or individual people standing upon earth!!


John 12: 23-25, Matthew 16:21-26, Mark 8: 31-37; Luke 21-27









Dear Fred;


I liked your ideas on Spiritual eyes.  I would like to share a few thoughts on this matter from some of the latest tools technology has given us such as Complex Systems,  Chaos, and self organizing systems.

I believe what you refer to as Spiritual eyes could be thought of as “ZERO POINT FIELDS OF INFLUENCE”.

What are these fields of influence?   They are represented by such forces as Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Consciousness, and Love.   All of these forces are what could be called Zero Point Fields of Influence. Why?  Because they get their existence from…….the NETWORKING, Exchange of information, or synergistic, interacting of the individual parts.   Although, the individual parts, are part of the whole, THEY ONLY EXIST FROM…….the NETWORKING OF THE PARTS which serves to create a WHOLE NEW WHOLE,…..THAT NO SINGLE POINT SOURCE, PART, OR INDIVIDUAL  could create by themselves…..apart from their synergistic networking with all the parts.

In these Zero Point fields of Influence, NO individual actor controls hardly anything, BUT….INFLUENCES ALMOST …..EVERYTHING!

There are a multitude of what could be called FRACTALS!   Fractals represent different levels of framing, consideration, size, …..but….regardless of the size considered, the WHOLE, can be seen from any FRACTAL LEVEL.

Example:   The human body, which is a magnificent  machine………owes it’s existence NOT to a SINGLE POINT FORCE OR SOURCE…….BUT…….to the INTERACTING,…….the SYNERGISTIC NETWORKING OF ALL THE PARTS.  It is this NETWORKING……that creates the human and his CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL!!


This is much like the Spirit and it’s INFLUENCE.. which is NOT tied to any, single body or cell!

Here is where the Fractals come into play.    The human body is a SYNERGISTIC WHOLE, not a SINGLE POINT SOURCE…..when considered at the level of the whole….  The networking occurs from the trillion or billion of individual CELLS, which through, SYNERGISTIC CONNECTIONS or NETWORKING…..acts together to create the conscious human being!  

Now, the individual human being, acts like a SINGEL CELL, or POINT SOURCE……WHEN looking at the population of the whole earth.   Here, it is the SYNERGISTIC, NETWORKING …..of ALL THE CELLS, (In the fractal level,,…the individual humans….become like the individual cells,…did when looking at man, as the WHOLE.  But, when one looks at the Earth’ population as a WHOLE, the individual HUMANS,…become equivalent to the individual cells of the body and brain and INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS  TRANSFORMS “ INTO A “GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS”!  These fractal levels continue onward in both directions!!


Inside the atom, which becomes like the single point source, of the integrated networking or the whole element or molecule.   … is so small, we can hardly even image it!  But, it has the same principles as does the UNIVERSE, which is sooo big we can hardly imagine it…  whenever the Earth, Sun, Planets, and other Stars,…become like the integrated parts of a much bigger whole which, when acting together,……make up the much bigger UNIVERSE!

To me, the SPIRITAL INFLUENCE you are talking about, becomes likened unto the ZERO POINT FIELDS OF INFLUENCE!

After reading your article, it inspired me to think of this!

Jerold Hubbard







updated 04-07-2009


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I was born and raised on a farm in Southwest Kansas.   Except for going to school, there was little time spent of the farm.  




I married a local girl, Bonnie Kneller, and had two daughters.  We raised both girls in this same area.




There were not very many people in this area.  Anyone living here was isolated from many challenges that heavy populated areas receive.  It was easy just to concentrate on farming, family, entertainment, and making a living.  There were not many outside issues that acted as stimuli for anyone living here.




But, whenever our area was being infiltrated Corporate farming, this infiltration  acted as a challenge to me as well as other local farmers.  This challenge caused me to begin looking and questioning things, such as economics and concentrated wealth and power, long term farming practices, life supporting resources such as fresh water supplies and fertile soils, biological life, truth, reality itself.




But, the one intensive investigation that changed my perspective the most, was the one that led into “Self-Examination” and becoming conscious of  the INVISIBLE SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCES which act upon all life forms!




I soon found out that the outside world can only be experienced in one’s mind. And that the window one looks through, or one’s perceptive frame dictates what one comes to notice out of anything perceived!




So, by increasing one’s NOTICING, or one’s level of CONSCIOUSNESS, acts to increase the borders of the world one lives within!




So, if one wants to see something new, one does not have to engage in world travel, in fact, one does not even have to leave his back porch.  All one has to do in order for ALL THINGS TO BECOME NEW,  IS TO CHANGE, not one’s physical location, but the window, perspective, through which one looks.




In fact, one can be a world travel and see thousands of different things, but NOTHING NEW, IF ONE DOES NOT CHANGE THE WINDOW, DISPOSITION, ATTITUDE, or PERSPECTIVE ONE LOOKS THROUGH.




So, thanks to the outside challenge in the form of  Corporate farming, my world, the one I actually live in, has actually increased.




How this can be done is described in more detail on my home page.




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